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Miriam Bowie-Johnson

My art has always been a means for expressing ideas, experiences and emotions. I wish to inspire something in the audience. I believe that art is to be enjoyed, both privately and publicly and this is something that I try to convey in my work. I want people to be able to look at a painting I have made and take something positive away from the experience. I wish for my work to be uplifting and awe inspiring, to be something that brings a smile to the audiences faces. I find myself looking at artist whose works generate positive emotions in me for inspiration, such as James Paick and Monet.

In my endeavour to create uplifting works I focus primarily on landscapes, though I have branched out into other genres of artmaking. In particular, I enjoy painting fantastic or slightly surrealistic landscapes. I think that in painting the scenes that I find inspiring and uplifting I stand a better chance of doing the same in the audience. I have a particular fondness for painting mountain scenes. The natural drama of the subject lends itself to the uplifting intent of my artwork.

My artmaking practice centres primarily in painting and drawing, though in recent years I have taken a greater interest in digital media, including photography and computer generated artworks. I have made a greater study of perspective and light to build happier and grander landscapes in all mediums. I love the use of colour in all my works and I endeavour to use colour to make an image sing. However, in recent studies I have found that the tonal quality of a grayscale image can have more power than the cheerful colours I favour. This is something I would like to explore more in my artwork and develop my work to include a greater range of shade and tonality to create a greater impact in my landscapes.

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