Manifesto exhibition opening December 15th 7.30pm



Artworks and installations by Adrian Symes and Bob Green

Tarana Hotel and Cafe Artspace, Friday December 15th, 7.30pm

In this exhibition Bob Green and Adrian Symes go beyond the boundaries of traditional art to explore undiscovered territory.

Bob Green’s contemporary portraits challenge the viewer to accept an alternate universe of meaning and intent. Found objects come together with a freedom that is both playful and truthful.

Adrian Symes uses a similar freedom in his line drawings, searching for honesty and immediacy through unregulated expression. His paintings describe a parallel world, populated by the grotesque and the melancholic.

The installations and the opening night performance will intensify the experimental mood.


Cocktail bar after 7pm with the opening at 7.30.

All enquiries: (02) 6337 5841

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